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WTT For 22-250 brass and bullets 308 hornady/lapua/nosler brass and bullets

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  • WTT For 22-250 brass and bullets 308 hornady/lapua/nosler brass and bullets

    Hello, I am looking to stock up on some 22-250 brass and .224 bullets even 30 cal bullets I am also looking for 308 brass in Hornady, nosler, Lapua new or fired in good shape. If you have any please let me know how much you have, quality and what kind of brass you are looking for. I also can buy the brass and bullets as well but would rather trade I am running out of room in my garage because of this brass. Some brass I have:

    32 auto
    380 auto
    38 super
    357 mag
    357 sig
    40 sw
    41 mag
    44 mag
    44 spl
    45 colt
    45acp large primer and small
    454 casull
    500 sw
    223 rem
    7mm rem mag
    7mm mauser
    308 win
    303 british
    300 wsm
    300 savage
    300 win mag
    300 weatherby mag
    8mm mauser
    50 cal limited
    and many more is less quantity's

    Feel free to ask about other calibers I know I am forgetting a bunch and left out any with small quantity. For the right amount of brass and bullets I also have a hardly used hornady LNL press maybe 1000 pieces I just don't have a need for 2 of them. Thank you for looking have a great day. please pm me with pictures and offers.
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    What grain bullets u looking for 22,30 ???


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      How many 45 colt do you have ??? I have .224 bullets to trade


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        I'm interested in the 10mm and 454 Casull brass.
        PM sent


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          Interested in the 8mm, 303 British and the 6.5X55. PM sent.


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            I am interested in 357Mag, 44Mag, 223 Rem, 30-30, 7.62x39. What do you need. I have Lee molds, melting pots, possible cast bullets


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              I am interested in your 41 mag brass, your 243 brass, your 30-30 brass and your 30-06 brass. I have a full list of my brass in Ammo brass trader.