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Trade Arms is a web site devoted to swapping and trading gun related items. US citizens are prohibited from trading, selling, or swapping guns and gun related items with NON-USA people.

Henceforth, all non USA users will be banned. Don't even bother registering here unless you are a citizen of the USA.
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WTT: AR Bolt Carrier Group for 5.56mm Brass

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  • WTT: AR Bolt Carrier Group for 5.56mm Brass

    I need a seviceable AR Bolt Carrier Group: ......It doesn't have to be new, fancy, or pretty! (.....All it has to do is help one of my "Frankenguns" to go bang!)

    I have processed, mixed headstamp 5.56mm brass to trade.


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    Not to be a wise GUY, but good luck with that.
    If someone has a second one after filling klcarroll's need I might be interested in one also. Will have to see what I could trade.
    Have a good 'un, TCG
    Support our troops....they are somebody's kids!


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      I have Colt factory A-2 complete carrier group, still in the wrap. What did you have in mind?


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        I am also not trying to be a smart A$$ but the way you listed ad, WTT: AR Bolt Carrier Group for 5.56mm Brass //It should be listed WTT: 5.56 brass for a AR Bolt Carrier Group. does that make more since? The way you have it, sounds like you have a AR Bolt Carrier Group that you want to trade for brass.
        Just trying to be help full.


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          It's sense .

          Grumpy Old Man With A gun ...... Do Not Touch !