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L. C. Smith 12 gauge Double Barrel

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  • L. C. Smith 12 gauge Double Barrel

    I have owned and shot this old "Elsie" for many years. I only shoot black powder in it but have been told that low pressure smokeless loads wouldn't hurt it - I just didn't want to take a chance. I used it in a brief experiment at Cowboy Action Shooting, however it would have worked better for that sport if the barrels were chopped off. I just couldn't bring myself to do that. All numbers match and the gun locks up tight.

    I have no particular trade requests. I reload a lot so brass, jacketed bullets, molds, lead, and equipment are of interest and firearms are too! I can email or text pics if you send me your contact information. I can most easily be contacted at:


    Pictures are a few posts below. Asking $350 shipped or trade.
    Thanks, Glenn
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    How much? I'm interested, but just not sure I have the kind of equipment you would want.


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      Do u have pix to show us?


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        I will take pics and post. I will also try to come up with a cash price.

        I was not sure if anyone besides me was interested in this nice old piece of historty.


        Originally posted by RemyVTR15 View Post
        Do u have pix to show us?


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          I took pics and am asking $350 shipped or trade.


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            Your link does not work.
            Grumpy Old Man With A gun ...... Do Not Touch !


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              tried to see it but would not come up.


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                I think the spaces in it may be the problem?



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                  I cannot get any pictures to come up?