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, 44 mag , 7mm , 8mm ,270 cal for sale possible some 308 ,6mm ,6.5mm

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  • , 44 mag , 7mm , 8mm ,270 cal for sale possible some 308 ,6mm ,6.5mm

    I got a supply of copper jackets bullets. My uncle stored them in a shed for 30 years and passed. So boxes where bad . So I cut the tabs proving what the bullet is . Clean them up and vacume packed the with tabs in bag. Some have box still.

    First number (amount per bag ) second number (how many bags ) (third value per bag)


    Speer (4447)(240gr) jacketed sp (100) (3) (20)
    Speer (4435)(225gr) jacketed hp (100) (2) (20)
    Speer (8782) rat shot with **** (100) (1) (15)
    Hornady (4420)(240gr) hp (143) (1) (24)


    Sierra (1915) (150gr) match king hp (100)(2) (30)
    Sierra (1940) (175gr) Spitzer boat tail (100)(2) (30)
    Sierra (1505) (140gr) Spitzer boat tail. (100)(1) (25.6)
    Nosler (116325) (160gr) partition (50)(2) (24.4)
    Speer (1628) (145gr) boat tail (100)(1) (26)
    Hornady (2830) (154gr) spire point (100)(3)(19.6)

    270 cal

    Hornady (3070) (180gr) spire point (100)(1)(19.2)
    Hornady (2745) (150gr) round nose(200)(1)(40)
    Hornady (2730) (130gr) spire point (100)(2)(18.4)
    Hornady (2735) (140gr) boat tail hp(200)(2)(40)
    Sierra (1830) (130gr) spritzer flat base (100)(2)(22)

    45 70

    Speer (2479) (400gr) flat nose (50) (1) (25.6)


    Speer (2277) (100gr) spritzer (100) (4) (24)

    If number don't match please let me know.did everything on my phone sorry. Will be posting this tomorrow early . Pm me if u intrested in 6mm 308 or 6.5mm
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    Just a warning that this is a TRADING SITE.

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      Where are you located?

      Where are you located? I in Southern Maine Might be interested in Trading something off equal value. (I have a large assortment of different things that I don't need or want, email for a list.) I have posted a lot of stuff on my Facebook with pictures) for the .44 Mag Bullets.

      Speer (4447)(240gr) jacketed sp (100) (3) (20)
      Speer (4435)(225gr) jacketed hp (100) (2) (20)
      Speer (8782) rat shot with **** (100) (1) (15)
      Hornady (4420)(240gr) hp (143) (1) (24)