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  1. WTT .257 Roberts 40 Rounds for 40 Rounds Commercial 8X57mm

    Once fired .257 Roberts brass, 20 rds RP 20 rds WW in original boxes. I need 40 rds commercial boxer primed 8X57mm brass. No fire formed .30-06 please. Thanks for looking.
  2. WTT: Front and Rear Military sights for Swedish Model 1889 Rolling Block

    Need the combination front sight/barrel band and the rear sight for the Swedish 1889 rolling block rifle.

    Trade items: 1. 25 lb ingot of Linotype, 2. Stone Mountain Commemorative Half Dollar, 3....
  3. WTT for Remington 1879 Argentine .43 Spanish in good shooting condition

    Have London Small Arms .577 Snider breech loading conversion of 3 band Enfield, lock dated 1861. Good shooter not a wall hanger in very good + condition. Comes with bullet mold and some brass. ...
  4. New Win 348 brass for 8X58R Danish brass

    Trade 25 new never loaded .348 Win cases for 20 Norma or other Boxer primed 8X58R Danish brass.

    These .348 Win are great for reforming to a lot of old cartridges.
Results 1 to 4 of 4