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Thread: 1200+ 243gr. 30 cal Hi-Tek coated cast bullets

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    1200+ 243gr. 30 cal Hi-Tek coated cast bullets

    I am going to leave these up for sale until Oct 12 at a reduced price of $115.00 plus shipping.
    On the 13th I'll melt them down and recast.

    Theres 1263 of them!

    I have approximately 1260 30 cal 243gr. lead bullets sized with a Lee .309 sizing die and with 2 coats of Hi-Tek with the last coat having hBN, Hex Boron Nitride in it.

    Over 43.75 pounds of them. They almost fill a 3# coffee can.

    These were cast from a new Accurate arms mold #31-236S ( using WW lead.

    I sold my 300 Blackout and don’t need these any more.
    Asking $140.00 plus $11.60 Priority shipping
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