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Please follow all LEGAL requirements for state and federal transfers

This forum, and it's managers, admins, and moderators, do not condone or encourage any illegal activity, whatsoever. You MUST follow all state and federal requirements with regard to the transfer of guns of any sort.

Inter-State transfer of any guns, whether long guns or hand guns, requires the intervention of a FFL (Federal Firearms License) dealer. Background checks MUST be done during the course of those transfers. Any felon or other person not qualified to receive a gun, should not seek to trade for a gun. Any suspected illegal activity here will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities for prosecution.

It is the responsibility of the all traders to proceed with any gun trades carefully and legally. This forum provides for only a method of communication between parties. And, neither your participation here, nor any trades that you arrange, create any real or implied legal implication of the forum, it's admins, managers, or moderators. We are not a party to your trade arrangements.
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US Citizens ONLY

Trade Arms is a web site devoted to swapping and trading gun related items. US citizens are prohibited from trading, selling, or swapping guns and gun related items with NON-USA people.

Henceforth, all non USA users will be banned. Don't even bother registering here unless you are a citizen of the USA.
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REMINDER - This is a TRADING site ONLY. No outright sales allowed

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  • REMINDER - This is a TRADING site ONLY. No outright sales allowed

    ++This site is a TRADING site only.

    It was established to facilitate the TRADING of firearms related items. It is NOT an alternative to eBay or other selling sites. While the staff here has been lax in the past with regard to policing the rules, with the new software installed, we will now begin visiting the various posts, with an eye on those who are blatantly ignoring the TRADE ONLY nature of this site. First time offenders will receive a warning, and may also have their post(s) deleted or modified. Repeat offenders will have their posts deleted altogether. At some point, those repeaters will have their accounts affected.

    Don't get too uppity that we have decided to start really enforcing the rules. There has been a LOT of effort put into the new software, both here at at our parent site,, and at other sister sites. We hope that the enforcement of the long established rules will make this site, and our sister sites a better community. Thank you for all who abide by the rules, and who make the community of sites successful.
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