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Post up you favorite cleaning solvents and Lube

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  • Post up you favorite cleaning solvents and Lube

    Solvents and Lubes are always a good thread to have around.

    Post up what you like the best.

    If you have any recipes for homebrew solvents or lubes, please share!!

    One of my favorites are Ed's Red
    1 part Dexron II, IIe or III ATF, GM Spec. D-20265 or later.

    1 part Kerosene - deodorized, K1

    1 part Aliphatic Mineral Spirits, Fed. Spec. TT-T-2981F, CAS
    #64741-49-9, or may substitute "Stoddard Solvent", CAS #8052-41-3, or
    equivalent, (aka "Varsol")

    1 part Acetone, CAS #67-64-1.

    (Optional up to 1 lb. of Lanolin, Anhydrous, USP per gallon, OK to
    substitute Lanolin, Modified, Topical Lubricant, from the drug store)


    Mix outdoors, in good ventilation. Use a clean 1 gallon metal,
    chemical-resistant, heavy gage PET or PVC plastic container. NFPA
    approved plastic gasoline storage containers are also OK. Do NOT use
    HDPE, which is permeable, because the acetone will eventually evaporate.
    The acetone in ER will also attack HDPE, causing the container to
    collapse, making a heck of a mess!

    Add the ATF first. Use the empty container to measure the other
    components, so that it is thoroughly rinsed. If you incorporate the
    lanolin into the mixture, melt this carefully in a double boiler, taking
    precautions against fire. Pour the melted lanolin it into a larger
    container, rinsing the lanolin container with the bore cleaner mix, and
    stirring until it is all dissolved.

    I recommend diverting a small quantity, up to 4 ozs. per quart of the
    50-50 ATF/kerosene mix for optional use as an "ER-compatible" gun oil.
    This can be done without impairing the effectiveness of the remaining

  • #2
    I like Ed'a Red and Kroil havnt failed me yet.


    • #3
      Had to look at what's on hand, and what gets used. I bought a gallon of Breakfree 10 yrs ago, still have most of it. Seems I use Shooters Choice for centerfire, Hoppes #9 for rimfires. Sweet's 7.62 for copper removal now and then.


      • #4
        I use Ballistol.


        • #5
          I use #9 ,wd-40 , stos, and rem oil never had an problem clean my gun after each use wipe them down after handling. bore snakes make life alot easyer!


          • #6
            Like some of the others I use Hoppe's #9, and Kroil for first pass down the bore. I only occasionally use Sweets for copper removal if looks to be a problem because Sweets is powerful stuff. I finish off the outside with a small amount of light oil for rust protection and it just makes them look better to me when they have just a hint of oil on the steel parts. I have wanted to give ER a try. The excellent mixing instructions along with the recipe makes it easy to gather the necessary stuff and just do it. Thanks.


            • #7
              Hi folks,
              I use Marvel Mystery Oil for most of my applications. Works great on moving parts such as. Lyman/RCBS, and Star Luber Sizers, as well as Actions and Slides. Also makes for a good Sprue plate lube.
              Kroil & #9 also have a home in the Shop.



              • #8
                occasionally #9, mostly TriFlow on smokeless firearms and Windex with vinegar for black powder toys followed by TriFlow....



                • #9
                  Blue Wonder with tooth brush or 0000 steel wool on exterior of barrels or used down the bore will clean all dirt, grime or surface rust. Wipe it all down with a rag taking off all excess and/or patch the bore dry. Metal at that point is clean and something must be used to protect that cleaned surface or it will rust quickly. I use Eezox and have for years as a lubricant and preservative. It drys hard with no dirt collecting oil. Smell requires I have a fan on in the room when I use Eezox. JL


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                    Originally posted by wymanwinn View Post
                    occasionally #9, mostly TriFlow on smokeless firearms and Windex with vinegar for black powder toys followed by TriFlow....

                    Doesn't the vinegar (acid) counteract the Windex (base)? I have always used half ammonia half water, it's always been my understanding that the black powder residue was acidic and the ammonia made it neutral.


                    • #11
                      Ed's Red.

                      Barnes BC-10 if there's heavy copper to be removed, which is, except for my .223, only when I'm rehabbing a new-to-me relic.

                      In the .223 I use Shooter's Choice only because I have 3 quarts left from an estate auction buy some time ago. Like Hoppes, too.


                      • #12
                        What are your views on the Remington 40X Bore Cleaner and Rem-oil? I got a bunch of this stuff and it works well but it looks a little abrasive...

                        l lL-O|||||O_


                        • #13
                          Being a mil-surps fan and challanged by black bores here is what's on my bench. Eds Red, Bore Tec's Eliminator and Carbon Remover, Kroil & JB bore paste and ChoreBoy.

                          For lube/oils: mobil 1 and Brownells Action Lube.


                          • #14
                            big fan of ed;s red


                            • #15
                              Ed's Red for general cleaning and Butch's Bore Shine when a copper solvent is required.